Meet Blossom: Creating Opportunities For Women And Girls Through Social Entrepreneurship

How to make change and impact for society's most vulnerable women.
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March 8, 2024
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116 years ago, the streets of New York witnessed a historic march of women advocating for their rights, marking the beginning of a global movement towards gender equality. Since that day, numerous initiatives have been launched worldwide to bridge the gender gap, enhancing the quality of life for women. Despite significant strides made over these years, many women across the globe continue to face barriers that hinder their full possibilities. Investing in social entrepreneurial initiatives dedicated to empowering women remains crucial to impacting women on an individual level and the key to facilitating social change.

Meet Blossom

One of the social projects working towards this change is Blossom — a nationwide NGO with programs in Aarhus, Odense, and the Copenhagen area, built for women by women. Its founder Tine Christensen, started Blossom initiatives on the belief that every woman and girl deserves the chance to bloom and that through social entrepreneurship, communities can positively impact the most vulnerable women in society. 

The name Blossom comes from “bloom” and means to open and unfold - a metaphor for women to see their potential with the right support and the support of other women believing in them. Embodying this ethos, Blossom is on a mission to forge communities that connect girls and women in vulnerable situations with broader societal support. In this way facilitating women´s journey towards improving their quality of life and bringing in more opportunities.  

More than just programs, Blossom's initiatives represent new chapters of empowerment, belonging, and hope in the lives of many women and girls.

The Journey

The NGO originated in San Francisco, USA, back in 2016 when Tine Christensen, its founder, moved to the West Coast and was struck by a desperate level of homelessness. 

“In San Francisco, about 10.000 people are living in homelessness. A third are women. They live on the streets in tents under bridges; you see them everywhere in the street.” shares Tine Christensen. “It was hard for me on a daily basis seeing people living like that, especially in light of all the money being generated in the Silicon Valley tech industry. The disparity between people with money and the ones without was bigger and more pronounced than anywhere else in the country. I had to do something. I wanted to make a difference and take responsibility for the community I was a part of.”

After researching the problem, it became obvious to Tine that there was a lack of programs tailored towards women. The first issue she observed was that homeless women lacked sanitary products for their period. So she started packing tote bags with water, pads, tampons, and sanitizer for the women. This initiative got a lot of interest and support from the women in the neighborhood. And that's how the first Blossom initiative was kicked off. 

Delivering sanitary products also presented an opportunity to establish contact with the women living on the streets. In this way, the neighborhood outreach teams could engage with the women on topics such as women's health, safety, and mental support.

After returning to Denmark in 2018, Tine started looking for ways to continue helping women in vulnerable situations. She started connecting with refugee women and learning about the challenges they face in Denmark. 

I became close friends with a woman from Syria. Through getting to know her better, I saw her great will and determination to create a new life for her family. All this in a situation she had not chosen herself, a situation where she had fled from her home country, feeling a lot of pain and grief. This made me want to support those women, give them hope and opportunities”, shares Tine Christensen.

Tine Christensen - Founder of Blossom

Today, the Blossom team is joined by more women and has grown to 6 core members, a professional board, and +100 volunteers. The NGO is also backed by Google, Zendesk, Scale Capital, and other companies and individuals. All upholding the belief in the power of women lifting women and advocating for improving the most vulnerable individual women's lives and society as a whole. 

The Approach

Blossom's initiatives have been designed to empower marginalized girls and women, helping them to recognize their worth and facilitating their integration into society. Through its range of programs, the NGO provides opportunities for personal growth and empowerment specifically tailored to address the unique challenges these women face. Each initiative supports women's journey towards a better life, ensuring they feel connected and valued within their community. More than just programs, Blossom's initiatives represent new chapters of empowerment, belonging, and hope in the lives of many women and girls.

The program’s framework is deeply rooted in the methods of social work - empowerment, resilience, and the concept of the common third - while its efforts are grounded in knowledge and insight. Drawing from their extensive experience in facilitating group courses for women in vulnerable situations, Blossom team has a clear insight into the impact the volunteer-led and facilitated groups have. She observed that the group courses help to serve as a mirror between the participants and volunteers and reduce the feeling of being alone with their challenges.

The Impact

Since its inception through Blossom programs, Tine Christensen, together with her growing team and expanding volunteer base (100+ individuals), has made remarkable strides, supporting numerous women and girls. Every bag, every course, and every woman who receives support adds to the story of Blossom's efforts to make a difference. 

Throughout the journey in Denmark, Blossom has touched the lives of more than 400 women through over 50 courses, weaving a web of support, hope, and positive change. Blossom's programs have been reported to significantly improve participants' mental well-being, with an increase of 12-20 percentage points measured by the WHO-5 Well-being Index. At the same time, more than 1,000 WeCare bags across the country have found their way to those who need them most; carrying more than necessities - a message of care, community, and understanding. 

Success for Blossom is defined not just by numbers but by the profound, positive changes in the lives of the women it supports. This success is a testament to Blossom’s commitment to make a tangible difference through professionalized voluntary social support,” says Tine.

Quotes from Blossom programs' participants.

The Future

Blossom organization is on a constant growth journey and is on the lookout for ways to grow its impact. The team firmly believes in the transformative power of social entrepreneurship in driving social change. By building a sustainable organization, leveraging business principles, and securing enough capital, Blossom aims to amplify its impact:

“We want to continue and scale our work in Denmark with our programs and expand the target group to young women. And share our knowledge with other countries in Europe to give inspiration and support tailored programs for women. I see us standing together, elevating each other, and making a difference. All this, to ultimately create a world where all girls and women can reach their full potential and realize their dreams.” - shares Tine about Blossom’s future ambitions.

The journey towards gender equity and women's empowerment requires society's collective effort. Supporting organizations like Blossom contributes to the growth of the social entrepreneurship ecosystem and helps build a world where every woman can thrive. Investing, donating, volunteering, or becoming more aware of the unique challenges women around you face can make a significant difference. 

To support Blossom initiatives, donate via:
MobilePay: 143224 
Danske Bank:  9570 13606196
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By donating to associations like Blossom, you can support some of the most vulnerable groups of women in Denmark and help facilitate positive social change. 

Tine Christensen
Tine Christensen is the founder of Blossom. She has a degree in social work and an MSc in Psychology and currently operates her private practice, MondoClinic.
Blossom, a nationwide NGO based in Denmark, empowers women and girls by offering tailored programs to inspire positive life changes.