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Scaling Nordic Companies to US
Lars Jensen Scale Capital
We invest in Nordic B2B tech companies within Enterprise Software and DeepTech looking to scale  and win in the US market.
Ensuring Success through Mutual Alignment
before investmenT

01 “Kissing Period” — Ensuring Success through Mutual Alignment

At Scale Capital, we believe that “Success is not a random process”, meaning we can impact and optimize the outcome of our actions by executing well, iterating often, and having a flexible plan for creating a successful business. During the “kissing period” we help create a 100-day plan for growth acceleration to ensure alignment and optimize for success.
Navigating Growth Journey Towards Success
after investment

02 Attentive Co-piloting — Navigating Growth Journey Towards Success

Our goal is to add value to our portfolio companies at every stage. We tailor our post-investment support to meet the unique needs of each business and its founders. This includes maintaining close contact for tactical support and provide founder mentorship, and assist in areas like connecting with partners, and exploring growth or funding opportunities.

03 US Acceleration — Scaling and Winning in the Global Reach

Scaling technology companies in the North American market is core to our investment thesis, hence we look for teams who view North America as their next home market. Our job is to provide acceleration support, making the company, the team, and the product ready for the US market entry. 

When starting out, founders will receive tactical support on the ground in San Francisco and get access to the right network of professionals, assistance with company formation, regulatory guidance, and introductions to potential partners
Scaling and Winning in the Global Reach

Three Phase Approach to Scaling in the US Market

Janus Jagd Founder CEO Cylindo
“As our lead investor, Scale Capital has supported us in every part of our growth journey, especially through the rough patches, where things were really tough.”
Janus Jagd
Founder & CEO @Cylindo
Micki Kolg Nagel Founder CEO Pleaz
“We really benefited from the experience and methodology that Scale Capital brought to the table. The mentoring and guiding by Scale has been exceptional.”
Micki Kold Nagel
Co-founder & CEO @ Pleaz

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