Software for businesses to automate their customer lifecycle management

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Alphin provides local business owners with easy and affordable software solutions to centralize and automate their full customer lifecycle management.
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Why did we invest in Alphin?

We invested in Alphin because of a strong and commercially minded team, a full-suite solution with little or no direct competition, and an impressive revenue traction and customer base of +1,000 clients. The customer base of alphin and the data they collect is valuable to a variety of conversion-focused tech providers in the hospitality sector, and the company is well positioned to serve as a source of traffic and branding. Their market is very large and the company has plenty of opportunities for vertical and geographical expansion as well.

“We are proud and excited to partner up with the alphin team to help them grow their customer base even further and bring additional scalability into operations. Their track record speaks volumes, and we trust their competencies and know-how.”

Joachim Schelde
Senior Associate @ Scale Capital

About Alphin

Alphin is building the Hubspot for local businesses – targeting a highly fragmented €200bn blue ocean market. They help small business owners to engage clients and grow on digital channels through their platform. The platform includes software solutions to fully automate local businesses’ marketing lifecycle, digital services to meet different client needs, marketplace for professional services, and integrations to third party solutions that makes it easy to generate valuable insights. alphin products help to tenfold the level of awareness and massively increase the number of potential clients.

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