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Alext Therapeutics Founders
Alex Therapeutics delivers a cutting-edge digital therapeutics platform, launching the next generation of prescriptive digital therapies in partnership with the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies.
Digital Therapeutics
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Why did we invest in Alex Therapeutics?

Alex Therapeutics’ platform approach to Digital Therapeutics, along with the passion, skill and dedication of the founder, John Drakenberg, presented an attractive case for Scale Capital. Digital Therapeutics has the potential to deliver critical health benefits in a scalable and cost-effective way, allowing treatments for underserved communities.

“The team at Alex Therapeutics are driven by a mission to deliver the next generation of digital therapeutics, lowering the bar significantly for access to key physical and mental health treatments. From the first meeting with John, this passion shone through brightly, and continues to be the driving force in the company.”

Terkel Douglas
Associate @ Scale Capital

About Alex Therapeutics

Alex Therapeutics is a digital therapeutics company based in Stockholm which designs and develops Software-as-a-Medical-Devices. With the proven “Alex DTx Platform”, expertise in artificial intelligence and evidence-based psychology, Alex Therapeutics is uniquely positioned to deliver cutting-edge and reliable digital therapeutics products. The company has treated tens of thousands of patients, has experience with clinical validation, and overwhelmingly positive patient testimonials.

Alex Therapeutics uses its AI-powered digital therapeutics platform “Alex DTx Platform” to develop and launch prescription digital therapies, typically in partnership with pharmaceutical companies. The digital therapeutics products are clinically validated and approved medical devices, prescribed by doctors and reimbursed by healthcare systems. The platform combines evidence-based psychology, primarily Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, with AI and Machine Learning to provide personalized treatments that address the needs of patients worldwide.

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