Platform for daily healthy breaks to improve employees’ wellbeing

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Pleaz delivers short, guided activities to increase employees productivity and reduce sick leave, helping companies and employees to build a fun & healthy social culture.
Employee Wellbeing
Future of Work

Why did we invest in Pleaz?

Corporate wellbeing is an established billion-dollar market of product and services aimed at encouraging healthier lifestyle choices to employees in and outside the workplace to reduce stress and sick days. The future of work trend and Covid has increased the demand for digital tools that supports the health of remote workers.

By design, Pleaz is encouraging social interaction between workers and teams while performing the exercises. The ambition is to become a preferred wellbeing partner that helps workplaces encourage wellbeing both globally and locally by providing a platform of employee health-related tools and services.

“Pleaz has a great founder team and big growth plans in Europe and North America. There was a good match between us in terms of work ethics, values and level of ambition.”

Lars Jensen
Partner @ Scale Capital

About Pleaz

Pleaz is an employee wellbeing platform, which encourages forward-thinking companies to work with sustainable health. We all love productive working days, but we also recognize that productivity in today’s corporate environment often comes with an increased cost for some of the biggest health issues in our time; inactivity and stress.

Pleaz believes in making the social gap in virtual meetings smaller by using their platform for healthy breaks. Small steps over time create big changes and international companies have already shown that thousands of healthy breaks make the difference.

With video-guided content found in a few clicks, it has never been easier to implement a scientifically proven solution that impacts the wellbeing of people in organizations.

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