Seamlessly connects content management systems and digital asset management  platforms 

CI HUB Team Photo
CI HUB streamlines creative workflows for businesses of all sizes and is on the way to revolutionize how corporations and creatives access digital assets and data.
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Why did we invest in CI HUB?

Our investment in CI HUB was guided by the need to streamline enterprise software and leverage content applications for improved productivity.

CI HUB addresses these needs by enabling users to access their digital assets conveniently without the hassle of navigating through multiple logins and platforms. This integration not only facilitates significant time and cost savings but also enhances accessibility and fosters better collaboration across departments and with external parties.

With the team’s commitment to innovation and a customer-focused approach, CI HUB is uniquely positioned to help businesses of all sizes fully realize the potential of their digital content.

“We are very excited to partner with the CI HUB team to fuel their growth and market expansion. Together, we will continue to push the boundaries of content integration, enabling businesses to unlock new efficiencies and opportunities in digital content management.”

Joachim Schelde
Senior Associate
@ Scale Capital

About CI HUB

Cl HUB GmbH was founded in Potsdam by Andreas Michalski, Jasper Ullrich, and Jörg Seidler. The founding team has over 20 years of experience in marketing software creation and sales. The CI HUB platform has been established as a leading product worldwide when it comes to using marketing content in layout programs such as Adobe, Microsoft, Google, Figma and others.

The firm is developing a software solution that connects all applications and enables users to work with digital assets – documents, images, videos, audio, code, etc. – without leaving their desired application. It empowers more teams to access and work with approved digital assets in one tool.

Their customers operate in more than 150 different industries and include well-known companies such as Disney, Ford, Delta Airlines, Helly Hansen, Lidl, Union Investment and BCG, as well as SMEs.

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